Why us?

At Design by Manor House we provide a unique holistic service: designing, manufacturing and supplying bespoke furniture for any room in your home. Be it a handmade kitchen, study, bedroom, bathroom or games room. We appreciate that the successful return on your furniture investment hinges upon the expertise of those you have entrusted to complete the project- that’s why you should give us a call.

We specialise in the delivery of creative solutions. Our Design team, led by Edward Ward who has over 30 years of experience in the industry, excel in working to traditional and contemporary finishes. Our technical joinery skills and substantial knowledge of Architecture and Construction allows us to push the boundaries of furniture and space design to a level seldom achieved by standard kitchen suppliers.

When contractors speak of ‘bespoke’ furniture, they usually mean their standard ranges and materials can be tailored in terms of height, width and depth to suit your specific environment. At Design by Manor House, there is no set protocol in place for the materials used or physical arrangement of any piece of furniture in a room. This flexibility will facilitate your quest for an awe-inspiring interior as our skilled designers-with an impeccable eye for detail-have the ability to manipulate classical and modern features to create balance, proportion and ultimately a feeling of harmony in your home.

Appreciation of Space

There are two main elements to the design and furnishing of a scheme, firstly the furniture- which most people see as the most obvious and biggest choice they have to make. The second, which in our opinion is the biggest decision, is how to design and use the space. There are so many ways in which space can be partitioned, opened up and generally manipulated to create an area that is both aesthetically superb and equipped to deal with modern day life. Practicality and palpable perfection: no compromise. At Design by Manor House, we can ensure that you avoid common pit falls, oversights and maximise utility. This can be as simple as ensuring that a doorway is positioned correctly on a wall to accommodate an appliance such as an American fridge. Or to avoid the situation where your dream of having an AGA is compromised as there is no chimney flue or network in place to support it. In employing our expertise you are effectively removing the fear of things going wrong. We have a passion for good design and are committed to making sure that your dream space can be translated into a reality, no matter how many obstacles need removed along the way.

We can advise on the best use of the space you have or consider the feasibility of an extension. We are equipped to demonstrate schemes that involve both minor and major extensions as well as complete re-builds. Regardless of how complex or straightforward your vision, you can be guaranteed that we will have a genuine enthusiasm and shared ambition for your finished project.

Attention to Detail

Design by Manor House is dedicated to providing furniture solutions of the most meticulous standard. This level of detail mindfulness is present from the design and manufacturing stage right through to the finished installation of your cabinetry. We understand that precision is everything; to this end, we ensure that all of our working drawings are prepared to a degree similar to that of a good architectural firm. This includes comprehensive plans and elevations showing every mould drawn to scale and positioned on the drawing exactly where they will appear in reality.

Insert pic of detailed plan / Insert pic of same kitchen finished

Although our presentation drawings are accurate in terms of scale and positioning, they are free from the clutter of measurements so that our clients are provided with a clear view of the design. However, our working drawings contain exact measurements in both plans and elevations to ensure that all trade disciplines are informed as to the size, position and function of any piece of furniture to be added to the scheme. These plans include key instructions for appliances such as power positions, load requirements, water inlets and waste outlets, grounds and studs for furniture and fittings, extraction outlets and dimensions, to name but a small sampling.

When it comes to furniture detail and composition, we relish the opportunity to demonstrate what sets us apart from our competitors: offering a truly bespoke service. We are not confined to any supplier’s range, style or colour. We can overcome virtually any design challenge and deliver a finished product that is 100% original and to your taste.

Architectural Joinery

At Design by Manor House, we are acutely aware of current trends in the context of the historical evolution of furniture design. However, what truly differentiates us from our competitors is that this is coupled with a unique background in construction and architectural joinery. This means that we can create concepts that we know are practically viable and authentic in terms of feature placement and proportion.

Architectural Joinery is different from cabinetry in that it forms part of the fabric of the building. Whether this detailing is functional or simply aesthetic, it will always be a permanent joinery feature that embellishes the building to truly give it its mark of style.

The type of architectural joinery we have designed and manufactured to date includes: feature openings and panelled doorways; sash windows and shutters; King post trusses and cantilevered porches. In addition, we have extensive experience in creating handmade conservatories; fitted libraries and traditional and modern panelled rooms- often incorporating bespoke fire surrounds.

At Design by Manor House, we have the requisite expertise to ensure your furniture works to enhance the theme and tone of your house. The decision to invest in high calibre furniture and superior joinery can be daunting for some, but our increased level of professionalism ensures that in commissioning Design by Manor House- your project-will not only offer the upper echelon of visual value, but also the highest value bottom line.